The official Xensation® α Launch


  • The beginning of a new era of cover glass
  • The concentrated energy of leading experts
  • The quantum leap towards unbreakable cover glass

SCHOTT unveils Xensation® α - a chemically strengthened lithium alumino-borosilicate cover glass with which the inventors of specialty glass compete for the best smartphone cover glass in the world. With this new glass type, the company is following in the footsteps of its founder Otto Schott, who invented specialty glass with borosilicate over 130 years ago.

Xensation® α

Our new high performance lithium alumino-borosilicate cover glass unites the chemical strengthening potential of lithium aluminiosilicate (LAS) glass with the scratch performance of borosilicate glass and a strong glass backbone as in glass ceramics.


Set Drop

Up to 100% improved drop resistance compared to market-leading cover glasses - especially on rough surfaces!



Scratch test

Less susceptible to scratches than standard aluminosilicate (AS) and lithium aluminosilicate (LAS) cover glass types.




Thanks to an improved ion exchange capability, an even better chemical strengtheing is achieved. This process strengthens the glass and protects it against drops and scratches.



 We invite you to participate exclusively in our  digital launch event for our new generation of cover glass, Xensation® α.

Dr. Lutz Klippe,
Head of Product Group Cover

 With our new generation of cover glass, we enable our customers to differentiate themselves in the global smartphone market.

Eden Law,
Sales Director

 With our pioneering spirit, we inspire our customers.

Wee-Joon Sohn,
Senior Manager Sales

 We are constantly pushing the limits of cover glass to give the next generation of smartphone displays the best protection.

Dr. Jochen Alkemper,
Head of Development

 We work closely with our local customers to develop cover glass solutions close to the market.

Yigang Li,
Senior Manager, Cover Glass

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